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We're a Leading Data-Driven Transformation Consulting Firm

Our data sciences team has worked with various enterprises across industries & technology areas to bring immense value to organizations.
Our data science consultants work closely with clients to realize business outcomes, while building long-standing relationships. 

Strategy Engagements

Best for:
Delivering strategic data-driven business transformation outcomes

During the consultative strategy workshops, our senior domain & technology experts help the clients simplify business challenges by creating the planned vision & an execution road-map.

Experts On Demand

Best for:
Staff augmentation, projects / programs, pilots & POC execution

Hire our experts to quickly help with your existing or planned data initiatives. Our experienced consultants, having worked with enterprise clients on complex engagements, bring immense value to your business.

Center-of-Excellence (CoE)

Best for:
Building an in-house or outsourced expert data sciences team

We help our clients with strategy, process, tools, training & governance framework to setup an in-house Data Sciences Center-of- Excellence (CoE) or build an outsourced Center-of-Excellence (CoE) that becomes an extension to their existing team.

Our Customers

A select few among 100+ customers whom we have helped with their digital & data transformation initiatives.

Our Data Team's Expertise & Experiences

  • Industry experts have decades of experience in assisting organizations accelerate their data journeys
  • Worked closely with C-Level executives in various companies as their extended analytics agency 
  • Right mix of talent ranging from Data analysts, Google analytics consultants, AI experts, Machine learning consultants and Business intelligence consultants
  • Have significant expertise in conducting workshops, defining roadmap and implementing solutions

Our Experience in Cross-Functional Analytics

We've helped businesses to develop data & analytics solutions across various functional areas:

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

  • Web analytics
  • Multi-channel analytics
  • Attribution modeling
  • Online behavioral analytics
  • Social media analytics, etc.
Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

  • Customer 360 view
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
  • Churn analysis
  • Channel analysis
  • Store traffic analytics, etc.
Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics

  • Flash reports / visualizations
  • Sales & margin analytics
  • Weather impact on sales/traffic
  • Fraud analytics
  • Risk & failure analytics, etc.
Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

  • Call center analytics
  • Quality analytics
  • Compliance
  • Capacity utilization
  • Pricing analytics
  • Product analytics, etc.
HR Analytics

HR Analytics

  • Attrition analytics
  • Hiring / onboarding analytics
  • Workforce analytics
  • Performance analytics, etc.

Technology Areas of Expertise

We've implemented various technology solutions for our clients to meet their business goals.

Data Engineering & Architecture

Data Engineering & Architecture

Data architecture, data modeling, data hygiene, data mining, data lake / data warehouse / big data engineering

Advanced Analytics & AI-ML Modeling

Advanced Analytics & AI-ML Modeling

Predictive, prescriptive & cognitive Analytics using statistical modeling, machine learning, deep learning & neural networks

Video, Image, Voice & Text Analytics

Video, Image, Voice & Text Analytics

Facial recognition, video content analysis, image mining, character recognition, Speech mining, sentiment, email routing, chatbots, etc.

BI Reporting & Visualizations

BI Reporting & Visualizations

Executive, department, cross-department & mission-specific dashboards & reporting

Data Capture & Management

Data Capture & Management

CRM, Web Analytics, Tag Managers & Customer Data Platforms

Data Governance

Data Governance

Data quality, MDM, data access, processes & tools

Below are some of the technologies that our team has strong experience with. Inquire with us if you don't see the specific technologies you are looking for.

AI-ML & Advanced Analytics

Data Engineering

BI & Visualization

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