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Beyond NPS: Measuring the Voice of Your Customer in an AI-Driven World

Metrics matter when it’s not business as usual. As organizations continue to operate in dynamic environments, measurement and mindsets must change in order to meet and exceed customer expectations. Now the yardstick by which brands measure themselves, customer experience must be personalized and holistic.

Existing indicators like NPS® and CSAT offer a limited and lagging view of customer sentiment, especially during an emergent crisis. Combining these measures with AI-driven, voice of the customer solutions such as speech-to-text, survey, email and chat solutions enable organizations to capture in real time the true voice of the customer.

In this webinar, learn how artificial intelligence and voice of customer solutions help businesses gain deeper and contextual understanding of customers and support efforts to create personalized and tailored experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implement a customer experience measurement makeover with AI and real-time voice of customer solutions.
  • Adopt AI-based best practices to improve the overall customer experience.
  • Improve key business metrics (such as NPS® and CSAT) to minimize churn and optimize customer interactions.
  • Employ AI and machine learning to identify call drivers, product trends and save costs.
  • Leverage customer keyword and entity extraction practices in crisis times for deeper insights.

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Timothy A. Schuh

Timothy A. Schuh


Digital Strategy,
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