Steps To Navigate Social Media During a Crisis

At a time when we’re advised to practice social distancing measures due to COVID-19, many of us will increasingly crave connection and a sense of community. Customers are turning to brands to resolve challenges and distribute accurate information, and brands can take this opportunity to build a sense of community across their social media channels.

Sending the right messages and responding appropriately is important to your customers, and the success of your business through a crisis hinges upon understanding how your brand can effectively manage the changing volumes and conversations.

Join HGS Digital’s Global Social Care Practice Lead along with Sprinklr’s Lead Solutions Consultant to learn how to make technology work for you, how to stay ahead of customer expectations, and how to keep your business consistently in the know.



Amanda Sternquist

Amanda Sternquist

HGS Digital’s Global Social Care
Practice Lead

Michelle Crose

Michelle Crose

Lead Solutions Consultant
at Sprinklr